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Causes We Support


A letter from Edward, CEO and Founder of Elephant Crossing:

When I was made aware of the plight of children in West Africa suffering from malnutrition due to lockdowns imposed by their countries' governments, I was filled with gratitude for my life here in the United States, where I don't have to worry about my own little baby boy going hungry.


I wanted to do something to help, so I decided to expand Elephant Crossing's mission of providing joy to children and their families to include providing life-sustaining meals for malnourished children.


Now, 1% of every purchase made on our website goes toward helping Cry4Humanity, a non-profit we discovered through DonorSee that focuses on providing much-needed meals, diapers, and medical care to people in Sierra Leone. And our customers always have the option adding $1 to their purchase to bring joy not just to their own little ones but to the least of these in other parts of the world, too.


CEO and Founder at Elephant Crossing


 From Jennie, Founder and Director of Cry4Humanity:



"Children throughout Sierra Leone are severely malnourished more than before because the country was on lockdown due to COVID-19. People were forbidden to travel into different districts even if they were sick or dying. Families were forced to live without food and other basic necessities because they were unable to work and earn money.


"Now that the lockdown has been lifted we are seeing many children just like Yusef arrive at the hospital. We are hopeful that together we can offer each child the care they deserve. Your generosity will be serving the most vulnerable.


"Your donations will cover all medical costs and supplies for each patient. It will also help pay for therapeutic peanut paste and other essential items that are needed to treat severe malnutrition. Reaching our goal of $30,000 will provide on average, care for forty-eight patients. Without your support children will be denied care if their family is not able to pay. Every child deserves a chance."