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5 Things You Didn't Know About Elephants

5 Things You Didn't Know About Elephants

1. There are two species of elephants: African and Asian elephants, though some biologists think there are two distinct types of African elephants, too! You can tell the difference between the African and Asian species by the shape of their heads, ears, and skin: African elephants have rounded foreheads and bigger ears that are shaped kind of like the continent of Africa. Their skin is more wrinkly than that of their Asian counterparts. Asian elephants tend to be a bit smaller, have a twin-domed head, and their ears resemble the shape of India.

2. Elephants can actually recognize their own reflection! Most animals think their reflection is another animal and will look behind the mirror -- but not elephants. Elephants have been shown to touch a red “X” painted on their foreheads when viewing themselves in the mirror, which signifies that they understand that they are looking at themselves.

3. Baby elephants suck their trunks just like human toddlers suck their thumbs! This is a self-soothing behavior common to many animals, which you may have observed if you've ever seen your dog lick its paws!

4. Elephants eat 300 lbs. (150 kg.) of food every day! They're herbivores, so they only eat plants in the form of grasses, bushes, fruit, roots, and tree bark, which is one of their favorite treats!

5. Elephants can be right- or left-tusked, just like humans can be primarily right- or left-handed! You can tell which one they like to use because it will often be worn shorter than the other one!

This cute little elephant is only a fraction of the size of the real ones and even better-- it won't destroy your lawn by eating all the grass in one day!